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The promontory on which Corte Nuovo stands offers a magnificent 360 ° view, a real mountain amphitheater from which it is possible to admire the Gridone massif, a glimpse of Lake Maggiore, the mountains of upper Ticino, the Valle Maggia and then close on the imposing vastness of the Onsernone Valley.


The possibilities for hiking in this magnificent area are many. The territory is well suited to the physical abilities of everyone, it lends itself to a single day trip, perhaps to reach Pizzo Ruscada (2'003 masl), but also to plan trekking for several days. The Corte Nuovo Refuge fits perfectly into the dense connection of alpine refuges and huts in Ticino ... and beyond.


Connections are in fact possible in the direction of Lake Maggiore with the Al Legn Refuge, but also towards the Onsernone Valley with the Salei Hut , and then continue towards the Capanna Arena or the Capanna Ribia and finally reach the Valle di Campo, in the upper Valle Maggia. . There are also numerous connection possibilities in the direction of nearby Italy thanks to the paths that climb the mountains of the Vigezzo Valley ....


Hiking map

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