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It is located, at 1635 m above sea level, on the ridge that forms the watershed between Onsernone and Centovalli.

Built on the ruins of an old hut of the homonymous mountain pasture, it was inaugurated on 29 July 2017 and can be reached from both sides after a couple of hours of walking.

It is a transit destination for those wishing to climb Pizzo Ruscada, but also a popular stopping point, both for hikers who have planned trekking for a few days, to or from other Ticino regions or the nearby Vigezzo Valley, and for those who choose to stop and admire the wonderful panorama that sweeps from the banks of the Verbano to the multitude of mountains in the region.


It consists of a single room that serves as a kitchen / living room above which there is a mezzanine with 6 beds, complete with mattresses, pillows and blankets. However, the use of a personal sleeping bag / sheet is required.

Spartan, but tastefully furnished, you can find everything you need to spend a pleasant stay: a wood stove, the necessary for cooking, a small pantry with some long-lasting foods and a well-stocked bar.


Inside it is equipped with drinking water and electric light. Thanks to the small photovoltaic system it is possible to recharge mobile phones. But don't forget to take your USB cable with you.

Reception for mobile phones from Corte Nuovo is good.


Outside there is a toilet and a fountain.


Reservations must be submitted via the website . With the confirmation, the code is also released to collect the key from the box next to the entrance door. In urgent cases, you can get it from up there by calling one of the addresses indicated on the door.

Payments can be made by leaving the amount due in the deposit box, using the appropriate payment slip or via Twint.

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