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The rules

The Borgnone patrician administration is pleased to welcome you to the Corte Nuovo refuge. Compliance with the following rules will allow all users to enjoy a pleasant stay.


Made thanks to the commitment of the patrician administration of Borgnone and the financial support of several public and private bodies and numerous benefactors, it is made available to all mountain lovers.


For precautionary reasons the access door remains closed. The key can be withdrawn from the special box by typing the code issued together with the confirmation of the reservation.


Users are asked to take the utmost care of the shelter, the external toilet and the stable, in compliance with the following provisions:


  • Sign up in the "book of the hut" ;

  • Fill in the "drinks card" and pay the amount due according to the displayed tariff (directly at the cash desk, by bank policy or TWINT);

  • Report to the Patrician Administration any irregularities , damages found at your arrival or caused during the stay.


  • Smoke inside the refuge

  • Introduce animals (dogs must be left in the stable)

  • Bring out mattresses, blankets and pillows

  • Access the loft with hiking boots or shoes


  • For hygienic reasons, each user must bring with him/her: a sleeping bag (sheet), a pillow case, a personal towel, soap , disinfectant and protective mask

  • Any type of waste must be taken with you at your departure


  • Wash the dishes and utensils used with boiling water and then put them back in the appropriate shelves

  • Clean and sanitize the dormitory, the toilet sink and the kitchen surfaces, using the provided products

  • Clean the wood stove and check that the fire is off

  • Make sure that the toilet key is inside the shelter

  • Leave a supply of wood in the shelter, taking it from the stable;

  • Sweep the floor

  • Close the shutters, windows and main door

  • Deposit the key in the box and deactivate the code you received

Your visit and your donations will help to support our efforts for the maintenance of this shelter and the whole Corte Nuovo project.


Thank you very much for your visit and enjoy the beauty of this place.

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