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The context

Along the ridge that forms the watershed between Onsernone and Centovalli, the path winds its way from the Comino Mountains to the summit of Pizzo Ruscada.

At 1635 m above sea level you reach the Corte Nuovo alp, testimony of a rural civilization that has now disappeared.

The Corte Nuovo mountain pasture (1,635 m) located in the Centovalli, once an important place of rural life for local communities, is at the center of a worthy project by the Patriziato di Borgnone which aims to save it from the constant decline of recent decades and to make it a point of reference for the tourist offer thanks to a specific redevelopment plan.


The shelter

This small refuge was inaugurated on 29 July 2017 and is open to everyone.
It is an intimate place, set up in a simple and spartan way. Here you can appreciate and savor all the essences of a true mountain experience.

The building includes a small kitchen / living room of about 30 square meters, above which there is a mezzanine with 6 beds in common.


A young testimonial presents Corte Nuovo

"I had the opportunity to visit Corte Nuovo on a splendid winter day in which I was invited to participate in the annual snowshoe hike on Pizzo Ruscada with a group of friends. The climb was definitely worth it! the spectacular view from the top of Pizzo Ruscada passes from the welcoming refuge of Corte Nuovo. I was fascinated by the magic of this small house from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view. then stay in the refuge, thus passing a pleasant and unforgettable evening with friends "

Athlete who boasts 9 medals in the Swiss individual championships and 10 in the Swiss artistic gymnastics team championships. Representative for Switzerland in 4 world championships and 3 European championships.Caterina is part of the cast of Olga, a film that tells the story of a Ukrainian gymnast who takes refuge in Switzerland. By director Elie Grappe, it was awarded the Quartz 2022 as the best Swiss film of the year.

Caterina Barloggio


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